Keeping you and what's important to you safe

iSee:My is the newest and simplest way of helping protect you and all that you value.

Track friends, family, pets, staff and assets, with no more than a mobile phone, visually and in real-time using the latest in GPS and mobile technology.

View them on a map as they move to help you make sure they are safe, to help them out of difficulty, or simply to help you all meet up for an evening out.

All of this in an unobtrusive and secure way, and without infringing anyone's privacy. And all at a very affordable cost - iSee:My Lite is free!


iSee:My Lite

Keeping you in touch for free

iSee:My Children

Keeping your children safe

iSee:My Pets

Keeping your pets safe


iSee:My Family

Keeping your family safe

iSee:My Friends

Keeping your friends close


iSee:My Business

Keeping your colleagues and assets safe and productive