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iSee:My Children

Keeping your children safe

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iSee:My Pets

Keeping your pets safe

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iSee:My Family

Keeping your whole family safe

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It’s natural to want to protect and connect to those you love. iSee:My can look after everything that is valuable in your life. By keeping a virtual eye on your children, elderly family members and your pets, iSee:My can give you the reassurance you need.

However, iSee:My is so much more than a tracking app! It's a lifestyle management tool that helps you handle the chaos that life often throws at you, and keeps you in touch with friends in new and exciting ways.

With iSee:My you no longer have to send those annoying texts or make those tedious calls asking 'Where are you?': you can simply see for yourself. So if you want to put a protective arm around your family, you can. It's not about spying, though, it's about staying in sync with the ones you love.

Create networks, or groups, of friends, family and colleagues and keep in touch socially in a natural way.

iSee:My keeps you safe and connected to all those important in your world. In short it’s a complete life-management and safety device, the only one you will ever need.